Book 3:  Daniel's Storylog cabin quilt block

Picture of Daniel's homeDaniel's Story takes place in 1890.  Silas and his wife live in a nice house near Funks Grove.  They are raising their grandson Daniel.  His father, Pierce, had moved to South Dakota when Daniel was a baby and his mother died.  Daniel misses his father and wants to be with him.  He decides to go to his father even though the Sioux are considering an uprising.  When Daniel arrives at his father's home in South Dakota during the dangerous time, he begins to piece together the reasons his father hasn't moved back to Illinois.
Gram Harmony's Log Cabin Quilt Tidbits:
  • The Sioux started to make quilts after the buffalo became scarce.  They used the quilts for warmth.  The also made more designs with their stitching designs.
  • The great Sioux Reservation was split into five smaller reservations.  White settlers lived between these smaller reservations.
  • Pure Maple Sirup is still produced at Funks Grove.  In the Spring one can see the buckets hanging from the trees.
Sweet Grass's Sioux Star Quilt - Belongingness

Things to do:
Crossword Puzzle
Visit the Tile Factory and School
Questions and Vocabulary
Order in the Story
Other Daniel Activities

Daniel's Story appliqued on the back of a shirt.Mrs. Kirby appliquéd this shirt with Daniel's Story on the back.

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