Drawing of Orange Peel QuiltBook 1:  Ellen's Story

Funks Grove, IllinoisEllen's Story takes place around 1830-1831.  It is about a family living near Funks Grove in Central Illinois.  Ellen's mother died so she has to take care of the home.  Her chores include cooking, cleaning, and sewing.  She worries much about the sewing because she lacks fabric.  Her mother had made her own fabric, but Ellen did not know how.  When her father, a stockman, leaves home to go to Springfield, Ellen asks him to bring her blue calico.  He returns several days late, not with blue fabric, but with a new mother in a blue dress.  Ellen is very careful not to betray her own mother by liking her step mother, Julia, too much.  Mrs. Kirby uses the story to make the reader wonder if this patchwork family will "unravel and fall apart or make something beautiful."

Thing to do:
Crossword Puzzle
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