drawing of a tulip quilt blockBook 2:  Hattie's Story

Location of Former Mount HopeBy 1856 Ellen has become an adult and married a man from Rhode Island.  They have a daughter named Hattie.  Together they moved south of Funks Grove to Mount Hope.  The small town was founded by farmers from the Northeast who wanted to live in a town and to farm the land on the outskirts.  They also did not believe in slavery.  The Fugitive Slave Law had been enacted which stated that if there were runaway slaves in the area, everyone was obligated to capture them.  This law not only caused a clash between the settlers from the Northeast and the South, but their children disagreed too.  Throughout the story, Hattie struggles to keep friendships.  She also learns that her family is helping runaway slaves, so she worries about her father getting caught.
Quilt Block from Hattie's Quilt
  • Only a few headstones are left from the Mount Hope settlement.  They are now in the middle of a farmer's field. 
  • Because Mount Hope had five people in town that helped with the Underground Railroad, Mrs. Kirby wonders if the town was created for that purpose.  She also points out that the settlement did have "hope" in its name.
  • Underground Railroad quilts were special because black fabric was used in their patterns.  Black fabric could not be purchased before the Civil War.  The fabric had to be dyed.
Mrs. Kirby showing Hattie's Quilt

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