Crazy Quilt BlockBook 4:  Ida Lou's Story

The real Ida Lou - Mikey KingIda Lou's story takes place in Bloomington, IL.  The date is 1918 and World War II is in progress.  Anna, Hattie's daughter, is a "single" mom raising two children, Vic and Ida Lou.
  • Ida Lou is short for Florida Louise. 
  • Mickey King, an aerialist, who was trained by Eddie Ward was the inspiration for Ida Lou. 
  • Ms. King's real name is Marie Florida Gerturde Comeau.
  • Ms. King was 95 when Mrs. Kirby interviewed her. 
  • Although Ms. King no longer has her crazy quilt costume, she did have a trunk full of quilts.
  • The Biech Candy Factory, where Vic works, is still an important part of Bloomington's economy.
  • Eddie Ward's winter home in Bloomington became the Grand Hotel.  It was a popular restaurant that was decorated with circus memorabilia.  It was torn down the summer of 2002.

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