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Mrs. Kirby enjoys visiting schools, libraries, book stores, and quilt shows to give book talks and to sign books. Sometimes she has a quilt on the floor and invites readers to sit near her to help make the atmosphere cozy. During her talk, Mrs. Kirby gives an interesting synopsis of each of the books in the series.
Mrs. Kirby and a student in costume acting out a scene from Hattie's Story
a student in costume
a student in costume with quilts
students in costume with quilts
students in costume

Picture Quilt used as a cue cardMrs. Kirby wants her listeners to understand what life was like on the prairie, so she has created a picture quilt to use as a cue card.  All of the pictures on the quilt help her to remember what she wants to discuss during a book talk.  For example, the Indians sometimes called prairie fire, red buffalo, because a prairie fire could move and change direction as quickly as buffalo.  The white deer and the snow are to remind her to discuss the hard winter of 1830-31 when the snow drifted to 20 feet.  Herds of deer froze to death making meat scarce.  Crops were not successful either because there was a frost every month that year.  The picture quilt also provides cues for Mrs. Kirby to talk about the Indian, Black Hawk and the prairie as well as other interesting historical facts.  Mrs. Kirby will have to visit for you to learn more about this fun quilt.

Mrs. Kirby signing books
Mrs. Kirby's Quilts

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